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We can serve you in the beef processing department. With lots of options included on our beef cutsheets you are sure to find the right cuts to fill your freezer. When needed we can provide for a small fee pickup options for your beef if our customers do not have transport for the animal.

Processing a hog is truly a wonderful experience. Moderate yields depending on lard content and muscle mass means there is a lot to choose from. Also we have special smoking and curing processes that keep our regular customers coming back for more.

A lamb will yield highest of all the animals that we process. Although these animals are usually smaller when dressed usually there is not much left over when fully processed.

Only a few buffalo are processed through our plant every year. The great roaming bison and buffalo are not commonly found although there are some great men and women keeping the wild alive. We thank them and wish to serve as processors to them.

Have a farmers market or store? Well  you have come to the right place. Our goal is to serve those who serve to the best of our ability. We are a state inspected facility therefore when you process through us we can label your meat for resale so you can continue your journey

Like to process your own beef our other animals? For those who own your own stores and or just like to DIY whole carcass pickup has never been easier! Just bring in your animal on a harvest day and when the carcass has been chilled down below 40 degrees just come in to pick it up

Dehairing a hog take time and patience. When we first started we did not have the dehairing machine. Now we can facilitate up to 300 pound hogs in our machine. We scald and scrape all the hair and you may pick up the number one bbq essential when it has been successfully chilled below 40 degrees.

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Every week we buy premium lean beef to sell as boneless boxed beef. This does not mean that that is the only thing we can do with it. Check in with us to find the right cut of beef for your weekly lunches, dinners or breakfast. We will be happy to find the right cut to delight your family.

Vitals are some of the last things people think about as being crowd pleasers. Throw some cheek meat in a crockpot with some vegetables and come back in a few hours and you have yourself aculinary delight! Some items such as liver, heart and kidneys are not for everyone but they make excellent fresh pet food.

We process our own hogs every week for The Meatshop located in Phoenix, AZ we keep the skin on hand so that whenever someone needs to do some cracklins for theie parties we have it on hand. Usually sold in 20 lb boxes we can provide less when requested.

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