Processing Services

Custom Beef      

       This term means beef that have been brought in for personal use 


  • Harvest of Animal                                        $85

  • Cut & Vacuum Pack                                     $1.05/lb based on rail weight

  • Divisions                                                       $25 per division

  • Patties                                                           $1.05/lb patty weight

  • Vitals                                                             $.65/lb vital weight

  • Meat tenderizing                                          $.95lb  tenderized weight

  • Hide                                                               $35 EA​ 


     Beef Harvest Only

        This term means beef that is only for whole carcass pick up

  • Charges are as follows                            $.20/lb based on rail weight

  •  If total is less than $125 the amount will be set to a minimum of $125. Cattle condemned after kill will still be charged kill fee. Cattle that die in pen will be charged a $75 disposal fee.​​

Custom Hog

This term means any hog that is brought in by any individual

  • Under 210 lb Rail Weight                          Miniumum fee of $275

    • Harvest Fee                                                 $75

    • Cut & Vacuum Pack                          $.85/lb on rail weight

    • Cure and Smoking                            $.85/lb on product weight

    • Sausage Links                                    $2/lb on product weight

    • Pepper Bacon                                    $2.20/lb on product weight

    • Skin                                                               $20 

    • Vitals                                                    $.55/lb on product weight

    • Divisions                                                       $25 ea division

Roasting Hogs

This term means any hog harvested,dehaired and chilled for pickup

no splitting. Hog is left whole to be grilled, spitted or smoked.​​

  • 75 lbs or less                                                      $80

  • 75 - 200 lbs                                                         $135

  • OVER 200 lbs                                                     $175


Boneless Meat Prices

This term is applied to any cuts of meat that we sell from our own cows that we process every week. Click on link below to see full list.


Prices and Services subject to change without notice however we will endeavor to update as much as possible