WVP Team


Hard Working Crew



Hard working and dedicated Tom loves being with people, helping others and being the grooviest crew member at wvp



Sam is our speedy delivery driver. He also is extremely loyal and supportive to our journey. I'm not sure our team would the same without him. He also loves his dog and his family. Way to go Sam!



Zach handles the logistics in the processing room with ease. He is friendly and easy to talk to. Smiles and laughter abound whilst Zach is in the room helping others. Good job Zach!


Hello this is me the writer. This journey has brought many great men and women to work that i have had the pleasure to stand beside. They have all taught me many valuble lessons for life and work.  Can't wait  to see what the next years bring before me and to our team. as always we strive for greatness and love to serve. To this life i say, bring it on. with this team standing beside us what more could we ask for?


Tim has overcome it all and stands in the middle of greatness. He has lead this team to victory and there is no stopping him. With unbelievable grit my father continues to amaze me Thanks dad, love you.


Beth is the best. She always has a kind word when we need it the most and will listen to any ones issues any time of the day. My mother has also headed up mcreynolds farms for roaster sales. Thanks momma, love you.