Packaged Meat Resalers

The Companies listed here members of the community that we do business with and are proud to list them on our website. When contacting them we ask that you would be gracious and BE RESPECTFUL. A lot of hard work and long hours has gone into building these brands .

Frenches is our number 1 customer. They are a local store in scottsdale arizona, providing fresh meats to their loyal customers.

Baiz Market provides the public shopper with fresh meats, produce and sundries. While some items are Halal produced locally many come from the middle east.

Rovey Family Farms provides fresh beef and lamb meats to glendale locale. They also own a dairy. Join in the family fun and stop by their store today.

We are proud to work with Zach Wolfe out of Camp Verde, Az.  Check his website to see the proof positive that Zach cares for his livestock with love.

Matt VanDerhart raises his cattle in Palo Verde Arizona. He loves to barbecue Tri Tip and loves a good brisket. Give his website a look to find out more.

Red Mountain Cattle Company serves the Mesa area with fresh meats, check them out if you are in the area.

Mortimer Farms is located up in Dewey, Az. They provide meats, a farm store and family farm fun for all.

Merino Sheep have heavy wool good for weaving and are good meat sheep as well if you like lamb try out Strong Mouse.

Strong Mouse Merinos

Crow's Dairy makes goat cheese, goat milk and extra goodies in Arizona's west valley, they also do farm tours. Check them out soon!

Tim from Gus' Meats has an appreciation for things well crafted, so you can be sure that he will serve you the best beef possible check them out now!

Gus' Meats LLC
St. John's Farm Fresh Meat

Saint Johns raises beef for the maricopa area. check him out for some down home wisdom and some really good beef.

AZ Fine Swine has been raising Mangalista Hogs for 5 generations! Check them out for a taste of this austrian royal hog.

Stageline Ranch

Ever tried corriente beef? This historic animal has what it takes to survive harsh conditions and still come out swingin. Give it a shot today with Stageline Ranch.

Everything buffalo is what Adams Naturals does. from the hide to the bone broth they do it all.

Iron Rodeo Acres

Iron Rodeo Acres is up there in beautiful Chino Valley. They produce and sell milk from their dairy and also sell meat products.

Sandle Bay raises angus beef near Gila Bend. Exceptional quality every time and dedication to higher standards defines them.

SandleBay Ranch

E and R pork resides in the tuscon area raising pork for the local restaurants and retail customers check them out today!