Lamb Carcass Guide


Lamb Shoulder


Lamb Saddle (Loin)


Lamb Hind Saddle (Leg,Shank)


Vital Meats

Lamb Shoulder

Lamb Shoulder is just so versatile, stew meat? You got it. Roasts for crock pots? You got it. Steaks for grilling? You got it. Use zesty spices and onions to mask the flavor if you are not into lamb taste. 

Lamb Saddle (Loin)

Leave the loin whole and trim off about 3 inches of meat on the ends of the rib bones to make a great Frenched Rack of Ribs to be smoked or roasted to perfect taste.

Lamb HindSaddle (leg, Shank)

Lamb legs are lean, have you ever seen how high a lamb can leap? Definitely use slow cook methods and have patience when grilling this area to produce the greatest meals for family and friends.

Vital Meats

Vital Meats are not for everyone and are sometimes an acquired taste. Liver goes well with onions. If these things are not for you, house pets like dogs and cats enjoy all vital meats and are sure to thrive on this healthy food option.

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