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Pork Shoulder


Pork Loin


Ham and Leg


Vital Meats

Pork Shoulder

Pork Shoulder is typically used as a whole piece for excellent BBQ meat. When the shoulder reaches just the right temperature the meat just falls off the bone. Check out buckboard bacon if you want a completely new taste.  

Pork Loin

Ready for grilling? Pork Loin is for you! Once you take off the belly (bacon) and the spareribs you can start slicing the pork chops into delicious  bites of flavor.

Pork Ham & Leg

Holiday hams are great with applesauce or mustard. some like ham steaks or spiral sliced. If that's not your thing take the leg bone it out and use the trim for sausage making.

Vital Meats

Vital Meats are not for everyone and are sometimes an acquired taste. Liver goes well with onions. If these things are not for you, house pets like dogs and cats enjoy all vital meats and are sure to thrive on this healthy food option.

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