Beef Carcass Guide




Rib Section




Vitals Meats


Forequaters house the best cuts for juicy tender beef. Chuck and Shoulder Roasts make excellent stewing and crock pot meals. Brisket is great in the smoker and the shank makes delightful Osso Bucco.

Rib Section

The Rib section has the best options for grilling meats; whole racks of ribs, short ribs, ribeye steaks as well as skirt steak which will be a surefire way to win the crowd with carne asada tacos.


Hindquarters are a assortment of extremely lean beef cuts like the entire round and the shank with soft tenderloin, tri-tip and top sirloin cuts mixed in. 

Vital Meats

Vital Meats are not for everyone and are sometimes an acquired taste. Liver goes well with onions, while beef tongues make great tacos. If these things are not for you, house pets like dogs and cats enjoy all vital meats and are sure to thrive on this healthy food option.