Our Journey to WVP

Hi, my name is Josh. I will be your guide into the depths of our journey.

Our story begins with a handsome man (Tim) and a beautiful woman (Beth). This is usually the  best way to start these stories. Their youngest child was going through some hard times at school and life and had to much energy. Tim and Beth lived in suburban Arizona and thusly needed space to raise their over active child. Tim had been raised on a farm in Iowa, he loved to work with animals so the plan was to start something in livestock. Little did he know his choice would give his 2 children the oppotunities that most people can never give their children.

In 2003 Tim and Beth moved out west to raise baby calves. This part of the journey is not what defines this family and therefore has no bearing on the victory. During the brief journey through the wonderful yet lacking world of raising baby calves Tim and Beth happened to purchase 1 Boar and 6 sows which would be the first steps to the rest of their lives. As the calf chapter drew to a close Tim and Beth realized that they now had a sizeable herd of pigs with nowhere to go with them. 

Step by step and piece by piece Tim built a barn for his pigs amidst taking construction jobs and searching for an outlet for the pigs to sell the young stock. They tried auctions and private sales but nothing was paying the increasing feed bill. One day there was an oppurtunity to occupy half of a building that he used to use to store his construction supplies. The Meat Shop was born. Using all his spare time Tim revamped the inside of the building bringing it up to AZ state food inspection guidlines while adding coolers and the equipment neccesary to accomplish his goals.

Now the only thing to do was to find a harvesting plant to turn our market hogs into ready carcasses so that they could break them down into pork chops, hams, bacon, and pulled pork. They tried everywhere Tuscon, Perkinsville, Southwest Processing and even Buckeye Meats, which is the original name of West Valley Processing. Buckeye Meats decided not to accept our hogs and so the long drives to UofA in Tuscon continued. 

Then something interesting happened. The owner of the Buckeye Meats Company was wanting to retire and desired to sell his business. Tim was the first in line and was able to purchase the business. Many long days after drew out into years of long lasting lessons and trials. Tim came through them all and now leads a team of meat cutters and harvest floor specialists into the future. With his 20+ years of construction experience he has built, modified and even designed his own improvements to the rooms and equipment that he uses. 


There have been many that we have met that have said do it this way do it that way. Over the years though we have come to say this is the WVP way. The WVP way is this, 100
% given to our projects until they have been acomplished and our customers fully satisfied. 

Hi, it's me again the writer. I have been through the fire with Tim. I am his son. He has taught me everything i know and has strived to make me better at every turn. There are many family units in this world but i would not trade any of them for the family that i am proud to be a part of. This is what we do, this is our office, our business and our life, and we would be happy to have you come join us along the way.

Love you Dad, Thanks for being the man i want to be,

Your Son Josh

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